Here's what we are doing to help keep you active & SAFE from COVID-19 while at our facility


These are truly unprecedented times, and here at THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY we strive to provide you with the best – and safest – health & wellness experience possible.There is no higher priority than the safety, health and well-being of our staff, members & guests, and we want to assure you that we're taking appropriate precautionary measures to ensure, as always, the utmost cleanliness of our facility.

We are open & working and here's what we're doing to keep you safe.


We ask that you refrain from coming into the facility for at least 2 weeks if any of the following situations are valid:

  • you or a family member is feeling ill or have a fever
  • traveled out of the country
  • have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19
  • you yourself have tested positive for COVID-19


Below classes temporarily canceled until further notice & the updated 'alternative' schedule will be posted on our website & facebook page:

  • Silver Series (m/w/f 9:30/10/10:30)
  • BARRE (tue/thu 4:30p)
  • Extreme Strength (wed 5:30p)

We are looking at a variety of options to help keep you active during this time:

  • you may obtain a key & utilize our streaming services & equipment
  • workout during non-class times
  • looking into offering pre-recorded classes you can do at home
  • equipment rental available to workout at home (weighted bar, band, dumb bells, kettlebell, etc)
  • we can provide you with printed workouts to do at home

While attending classes at the studio we are asking participants to:

  • single use workout clothes (clothing has not been worn in public w/o being laundered. If coming from work, will need to have a change of clothing)
  • wipe down every piece of equipment they've use BEFORE & AFTER
  • bring your own mat & towel & yoga blanket
  • no sharing equipment with others (circuit style classes)
  • place used TFGF yoga blankets in white trash bags & label if plan to reuse in another class or drop into laundry basket on the way out
  • social distancing by maintaining a 3 ft or greater distance from others


  • we are not accepting new massage clients at this time
  • diligent personal hygiene protocol for existing clients
  • same personal hygiene protocol as mentioned above for Group Fitness
  • if coming from work or school please go home first & put on clean, freshly laundered clothes that have not been outside of your home since being laundered
If you are interested in the equipment rental or have ANY questions or concerns, please email tfgfactory@gmail.com.

Live an active life, every day!

Michelle A. Salerno, LMT