Fitness, Wellness, & Massage Therapy

Meet Our Team

MICHELLE SALERNO Founder/Owner, Carter Lake, Iowa

Instructs Silver Series MON/WED/FRI 9:30a, EXTREME STRENGTH Monday 5:30p, Flywheel Fit Tues/Thur 5:30p & Sat 8:30a

Licensed Massage Therapist (Iowa & Nebraska)

Certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coach

ACE Group Fitness

ACE Fitness Nutrition

AFAA Personal Trainer

NETA Yoga Fundamentals





TAMARA HEASLER, Carter Lake, Iowa

Instructs HIIT Mon/Wed/Fri 11:30a


I started going to the gym in my 20's  In the past 30 years I've taken group fitness classes and worked with personal trainers enough times to show I am knowledgeable when it comes to proper form and safety. Exercise is a celebration of what you can do, not a punishment for what you ate.

Working from home enables me to teach afternoon classes.



STACEY MECSEJI, Carter Lake, Iowa

Instructs Barbell Strength Wed 6:30p, Wine Yoga 1st Friday of the month 

I am a certified BodyPump (BP) and N.E.T.A. yoga instructor who passionately teaches 2+ classes every week!
I am obsessive about how BP (barbell cardio strength class) and yoga (strength and stretching) complement each other with (1) challenging and (2) stretching the muscles and (3) calorie burn and afterburn.

Most exciting thing about teaching BP and yoga:
Most people would agree, they FEEL BETTER IMMEDIATELY after a BP or yoga class 😊.
My recommendation, keep attending classes and CHANGES IN THE BODY WILL HAPPEN OVER TIME 😊.

My goal is to help people feel better immediately and reach their fitness goals over time.

Stacey Mecseji, Instructor
The Feel Good Factory
Downtown YMCA


CRYSTAL MCPECK, Carter Lake, Iowa 

Instructs Cardio-Strength-Core TUE/THU 5:15a

I was involved in sports as a child & was driven by the competitiveness. I enjoy being outdoors & active. I attended classes at a local ymca that was more than 10 miles from my home. I talked to my mom, who's a Group Ex Instructor & said, what education do I need to be able to teach boot camp style classes in our community. She helped me to become certified & I now work at a her studio that is located in our community. I have three son's that are in a variety of sports & I even coach some of their teams. I want my kids to see me as a role model for them to stay active. 


ANDREA HUEY, Carter Lake, Iowa

Instructs Strength HIIT-Mon 5:15a, Barbell Strength-Wed 5:15a & Sat 7:30a











ASHLEY STEVENS, Carter Lake, Iowa

Instructs Yoga TUE/THU/SUN-6:30p, BARRE-TUE/THU 4:30p
















Instructs ZUMBA MON-6:30p & SAT 10a