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At THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY, Carter Lake, Iowa, we believe that fitness, wellness, massage therapy, and skincare are all essential components of feeling your best. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their health and wellness goals, and we believe that a holistic approach is the best way to achieve lasting results.

THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY is located in Carter Lake, Iowa. Carter Lake is located less than 10 minutes from Downtown Omaha, Nebraska, and 15 minutes from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Come see what THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY has to offer!

Michelle Salerno

Building a Better You!
-Michelle Salerno Owner, Certified Fitness Trainer, 

Massage Therapist, Esthetician

Michelle is the owner and brains behind THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY. Founded in 2010, THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY started in the public library. Shortly thereafter THE FEEL GOOD FACTORY added operating out of the grade school gym and Michelle's basement. In 2016 Michelle was able to secure her dream and land a brick and mortar. Since then Michelle has helped 100's of clients with their health and fitness goals. Michelle's passion is bringing health and wellness to her local small town community.

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